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Haunted Minds Arlene Jernagan

Haunted Minds

Arlene Jernagan

Published September 16th 2004
ISBN : 9780595330096
348 pages
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 About the Book 

Somewhere, tucked amongst the dust and the cobwebs in the attic of her mind, lies a picture, a story, or a memory that although Jillian cannot fathom, threatens to emerge and disrupt her very sanity. A struggling young freelance photographer, she feels drawn to settle in the small town. To help off-set expenses, she rents her spare room to a young man whose presence immediately disrupts her quiet routine as strange and unusual incidents begin to happen. Her life becomes even more complicated when she realizes she is becoming reliant on him. Grappling with her jumbled emotions, she feels compelled to seek solitude and tranquillity in the old vacant house near her home. After reading a notice in the paper, she looked out over the neglected, weed covered yard, and mused, Its going to be sold and the new owners will probably remodel and ruin the looks of it, or worse, tear it down. Who is this man and what secrets are hiding within the walls of the old house?